About Us

Hi, I'm Jane and I am the owner of Autentico Australia based in the beautiful Adelaide Hills. I have been painting furniture for several years and have always had a passion for colour, patina and paint. In 2018 I discovered Eric & Ris in The Netherlands making the most beautiful, all natural furniture and wall paints. Basing their recipes on traditional paints dating back as far as the 14th century and using ingredients such as chalk, clay, lime and natural pigments they had created a range of incredibly deep and rich colours. I had to try these special paints for myself so I shipped them out to Australia all the way from Europe and instantly fell in love with their incredible range of products! 
Today, I am proud to be the Australian distributor for Autentico's paints and products. Autentico Australia is an Australian family owned business and I tint the paints myself using the same Autentico recipes right here in the Adelaide hills. I feel incredibly proud to be able to offer such a high quality product, and am so excited to share with you their amazing range of beautiful paints and products.